At MaxKids, we believe in creating content that helps student learn in a fun way! Check out the list of videos we have provided over the years. If you have any interesting ideas to share with us, or if your child faces any challenges in learning Chinese and would like us to help, please feel free to email us at!


  • Please keep an eye on your children when they are viewing online content.
  • Recommended screen time for primary students: 30 minutes each time followed by a short break
  • Use your best judgment to decide if each video is age-appropriate for your child.

小胖哥哥系列 Xiaopang GeGe Series

A specially produced series featuring our favourite Xiaopang GeGe as he uses witty scenarios and explanations to help students learn Chinese! We are pleased to share that schools are also using our videos to help facilitate teaching in class too!

小胖哥哥上课啦 | 成语篇

小胖哥哥上课啦 | 成语谚语篇

满满通小记者 MaxKids Reporter

MaxKids Reporter provides students with an opportunity to experience what it’s like to be a reporter! Since 2017, our reporters have attended events such as press conferences, exhibitions, opening ceremonies, competitions etc. They have also interviewed celebrities and even Ministers!


演说系列 Public Speaking

Through our public speaking programmes, we hope to help students gain confidence in expressing themselves and master the art of public speaking!


《我想听你说》第一季- 成果展

《我想听你说》第二季- 成果展