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Below are a list of videos that may be suitable for your children to watch and learn Chinese at the same time!


  • Please keep an eye on your children when they are viewing online content.
  • A child aged below six should have no more than an hour of screen time a day.
  • Use your best judgment to decide if each video is age-appropriate for your child.

满满故事屋 MaxKids’ Story House

Short and simple animated stories to help young children learn Chinese! 

大年十五是春节的最后一天,也是元宵节。你知道元宵节要吃汤圆吗?🍡跟着 #满满故事屋 了解为什么要吃汤圆吧!春节要结束了,祝大家在这个牛年能更顺利哦🧧 #说故事 #床边故事 #农历新年 #春节 #元宵节 #汤圆 #CNY #chinese #storytelling #traditions #angbao #tangyuan #lanternfestival

Posted by MaxKids 满满通 on Thursday, 25 February 2021

YouTube Videos

(Note: We do not own the rights to any of the videos below.)

Source: Lee Kuan Yew Fund for Bilingualism, Singapore

Source: 碰碰狐 (兒童兒歌・故事)

Source: Sesame Street