Jun Holiday Workshop: Improve Chinese Diction for Speech & Singing with Bevlyn Khoo

The programme delves deep into the correction pronunciation of Chinese consonants and vowels in a fun way through singing Chinese songs.

Students are introduced to 1 or 2 vowel/consonant sound(s) each lesson to allow them to practise the shaping of their mouths correctly for speech and singing. Students will also be introduced to basic techniques in singing to assist them with voice projection.

(All sessions include recitation of lyrics before singing)

Through the art of singing, students will develop:

  • Concentration skills and discipline
  • Good body posture for the projection of voice
  • Confidence in voice projection
  • Better articulation in English

Dates: 14 – 15 Jun 2021
Time: 10am – 1145am (with 15min break) & 2pm – 345pm (with 15min break)
Fee: SGD55 (inclusive of GST)

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